El Paso

Deer struck on I-10 West near Downtown put down

EL PASO, Texas - The deer struck on the freeway near the Downtown exit was put down, a Texas game warden confirmed.

ABC-7 first noticed the injured animal on the far left shoulder at about 9:40 am Monday.

El Paso Police showed up at the scene at about 9:50 am. A few minutes later, an ABC-7 photographer recorded footage of a police officer comforting the deer.

Shortly thereafter, Animal Services showed up at the scene and one of its officers was seen giving the animal water.

Texas Park & Wildlife showed up and a green blanket was used to cover up the deer. After the blanket was removed, the animal, which appeared to be lifeless, was picked up and loaded into the back of a state police pickup.

State Veterinarian Kenneth Waldrup, whose office is downtown, noticed the deer had a fractured skull and hip and appeared to be excruciating pain.

Waldrup said the animal may have been injured prior to being struck on I-10. Waldrup tranquilized the deer and took it to an animal control facility where it was put down.

Game Warden Captain Ray Spears told ABC-7 it is common for deer to migrate this time of the year. Spear said the deer's incursion into Downtown El Paso had nothing to with recent rainfall.


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