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Construction on several EPISD bond projects to begin in 2018

EPISD Bond projects

EL PASO, Texas - 2018 is set to be a big year for the El Paso Independent School District.

District officials said 2017 has been a big year for planning, designing and procuring for the bond projects.

Here's a list of which schools will begin construction in 2018:

  • Coronado High School (May)
  • Crockett Elementary School (May)
  • Henderson/Clardy PK-8 (May)
  • Northeast Middle School (July)
  • Burges High School (August)
  • Andress High School (August)
  • Irvin High School (August)
  • Jefferson High School/Silva Magnet(August)
  • Austin High School (August)
  • Hughey/Ross PK-8 (August)
  • El Paso High School (September)
  • Dowell/Schuster/Crosby Elementary School (September)
  • Lincoln/Roberts/Bond PK-8 (September)
  • Mac Arthur/Bonham PK-8 (November)
  • Terrace Hills/Collins PK-8 (December)

"What's happening right now is that all of our school projects are meeting with their design committees," EPISD spokeswoman Melissa Martinez said. "Every school has a design committee made up of community members, parents, students, teachers  that are part of that committee. They're meeting pretty regularly right now to go over design concepts."

As the district prepares for several of these projects, it will also be moving its headquarters. The board of trustees has already approved 1100 N. Stanton and 1014 N. Stanton as the location for the new head quarters. The district would not move there until December 2019. The design process for the new headquarters will begin February 2018. The current headquarters is located at 6531 Boeing Dr.

"Right now we're still in the design phase. We just received the schematic design from the architects. ," EPISD project manager Mauro Monsisvais said. "It's really about moving down to a central location to downtown El Paso. It will give us easy access to the three branches of EPISD."

The district has budgeted $20 million for construction on the new headquarters. Funding for that is separate from the 2016 bond that was passed by voters.

Several athletic facilities will also be upgraded in 2018. Andress, Austin and Bowie high schools will be getting new synthetic turf. Andress, Austin, Bowie and El Paso will also be getting new running tracks. El Paso High and Coronado High School will have their tennis courts resurfaced. Franklin High School and Chapin High Schools will have their tennis courts replaced, as well.

If you're interested on where the bond projects stand you can use EPISD's 2016 Bond Dashboard tool.

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