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City seeks input in design for second phase of Northeast Regional Park

City seeks input in design for second...

Expanding the Northeast Regional Park was the focus of Wednesday's community meeting by the Capital Improvement Department.

The park is located off of McCombs Street near U.S. 54.

The last time additions were made to the park was in 2014 when the city built a massive skate park.

Phase two of the project has a budget of $3.5 million and is funded by the voter-approved 2012 quality of life bond.

City officials were seeking the public's input when it came to designing the addition to the park.

"I love the fact that they are improving the park. This is something we've been waiting on for years since the 2012 bond passed," said Courtney Stevens, Northeast Soccer League.

Northeast residents seemed pretty pleased with the design for phase two of the Northeast Regional Park.

"It's a good idea ...  a very good idea," said James Shapley.

The plans for the project include parking for food trucks, a plaza, a championship soccer field -- three 97,000 square-foot fields, a dog park and walking trials.

But the city's design didn't come without residents concerns.

"I think the plan is lacking additional restrooms because they are adding a lot acreage to Northeast Regional Park but they are not adding restrooms," Stevens said.

Residents also told ABC-7 there's a preexisting problem at the park that needs to be taken care of.

"I have speeders go by my house every single night going up to 50 to 60 miles an hour," Kim Garner said.

"They are out there at two in the morning and they are just hot doggin' the hot rods, you know what I mean," Shapley added.

Residents said they are also concerned with a little plot of land behind homes that the city was thinking about turning into a parking lot. They say they worry about after hour activities.

"Committing ... you name it, drug paraphernalia we've found, and other instances that shouldn't be going on that's my main concern," Garner said, "but it's a beautiful park and we're very excited, we're just concerned with a few items and I know they'll be ironed out just like anything else."

City officials said they can work in some speed bumps and cameras in some areas.

Phase two of the park is expected to be completed in 18 months.


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