El Paso

City notifies owners of 4 downtown buildings of code violations

EL PASO, Texas - The City of El Paso notified the owners of four downtown buildings of code violations and issued demands for corrective action. 

The buildings in question are: Kress, Caples, Haymon Krupp and Fallas-Paredes buildings.

"The City is committed to rehabilitating substandard downtown buildings," said Director of Planning and Inspections Victor Morrison-Vega. "By securing these properties, the City can minimize the decline of the historic Fallas-Paredes, Caples, and Kress buildings."

Owners of the buildings have 30 days to board and secure unlawful openings into the buildings and elevator shafts, clear rubbish and debris, and provide access to fire protection equipment. If these corrections are not made within 30 days, the cases may be referred to the City of El Paso's Building and Standards Commission.

The following are some of the violations that are alleged by the City of El Paso:

  • Dangerous combustible accumulations throughout building
  • Structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and Fire Code violations
  • Building not secure, open to trespassers
  • Exterior of historic properties not kept in an appropriate (allowed) manner

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