El Paso

City: 39 out of 40 renters, 12 out of 13 businesses in arena footprint have relocated

EL PASO, Texas - All but one of the 40 renters once living in the Downtown arena footprint have agreed to relocate and received assistance finding housing elsewhere, the City of El Paso said Monday.

A total of 42 people had resided within the footprint, living in 18 apartment units and two owner-occupied units.

The City worked with the Housing Authority to find housing for some of the residents, the City said.

"To me, this is a blessing - that the City has pushed me up on the list - because I was on the waiting list for housing for seven years," said 60-year-old Jose Luis King,"Living (in Duranguito) was not the very best experience."

The City said in a news release it has reached a property acquisition agreement with one of the two property owners, who resided within the footprint, and that individual has relocated with assistance provided by the City.

The relocation assistance plans included assistance such as utility deposits, moving expenses, price differential payments for replacement homes, and incidental expenses.

A total of 13 businesses were located within the targeted site, the City said. All but one have agreed to and received relocation assistance. The one business is continuing to work with the City. Business relocation assistance covered expenses such as a replacement site, moving expenses and re-establishment costs.

The majority of the businesses, including the two flea markets, chose to relocate within downtown, the City said.

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