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CBP to host hiring seminar Thursday

EL PASO, Texas - Customs and Border Protection is looking to hire thousands of agents and officers to help protect the country's borders.

To expand the pool of candidates, CBP is hosting a hiring seminar this Thursday to help potential candidate begin the application process.

CBP is hiring Border Patrol agents, CBP officers and Air and Marine Operations agents.

Border Patrol Agent Jose Avina said hiring protocol includes an eleven-step process that begins with an application, the reviewing of a candidate's resume and transcripts, a polygraph test, a physical training test and background check.

Once a Border Patrol candidate is hired, they will have to attend a 19-week training academy in Artesia, New Mexico, learn immigration law, law enforcement in Spanish and additional physical training.

The training academy for CBP officers is located in Glynco, Georgia and would undergo similar training.

There is one aspect of the hiring process that may be keeping candidates from getting hired.

CBP has reported more than 60 percent of applicants fail the polygraph test, but the agency maintains it will not alter its vetting process by getting rid of the polygraph test.

The test was mandated by Congress through the Anti-Border Corruption Act of 2010.

In a statement last week, CBP said it will continue to use the polygraph test.

However, the agency is exploring ways to recruit candidates who have already been vetted for federal positions, like military veterans and former law enforcement officers.

"They fit exactly what we're looking for, they know our core values, they have a focus on our mission. They've been defending their country for years and its easy for them to come to our agency and do the same," said CBP Officer Adriana Carranza.

The hiring seminar is Thursday, November 16 at Park University East Campus, located at 1330 Adabel Dr.

There are three sessions available for potential candidates:

- 8 to 11 a.m.
- 1 to 4 p.m.
- 6 to 9 p.m.

CBP recommends calling (915) 834-8849 or (915) 730-7500 to make a reservation, seating is limited.

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