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Brotherhood to hold benefit for cancer-stricken firefighter

Brotherhood holding benefit for firefighter diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

During an emergency the first responders are firefighters.

They are there to fight fires and to provide medical care.

ABC-7 met a firefighter who's given to the community for years and now the community is coming together to help him. 

Chris Hayes is a veteran firefighter.

Hayes has been on thousands of calls helping El Pasoans on a day to day basis but after being diagnosed with cancer his brotherhood of firefighters is helping him.

We've seen them in the late hours of the night, sometimes cleaning out rubble and high a top the ladders fighting fires.

"My passion for firefighting is the satisfaction you get for saving someone's life," Chris Hayes said.

Hayes has served the community for 23 years.

In his time he's fought countless fires and modestly tells ABC-7 how many medical calls he's been on.

"Probably 20,000 about 2,000 a year," Hayes said.

Hayes is a firefighter through and through but he had to recently stop working.

"I went to the doctor on Dec. 19 which was a Monday and that's when I got diagnosed," Hayes told ABC-7.

Hayes was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

"It's very difficult not to be able to go and help someone else, not to go to work and help, I've never been on this side of the fence," Hayes said.

Along with the physical struggle there's also the economic impact.

"Without the fire department I wouldn't of made it. I probably wouldn't have my house right now," Hayes said.

So now Hayes's brotherhood of firefighters is stepping in.

"In the community we hit three numbers and we are there at any time of the day," said Shawn Hanke.

Hanke is a local firefighter who told ABC-7 about the strong bonds between the fire crews.

"Two in, two out, is the rule so that means your brother or your sister is important. You're life is important to them and you take care of each other," Hawke said.

Local firefighters will be hosting a benefit to help Hayes with expenses because Hayes ... well he's a fighter.

"I want to make it past this milestone and continue on and I want to see my son have children," Hates said.

The benefit will be held Sunday at Cobo Joe's at noon on 1700 N Zaragoza Road.

They benefit will host raffles, live bands, classic cars and organizers say it will be a family friendly environment.

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