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Biker brotherhood helps man rebuild home after fire

brotherhood helps rebuild home

EL PASO, Texas - A few days before Thanksgiving, fire swept through Jaime Aveytia's home in El Paso.

The damage to Aveytia's home on the 1100 block of Hawaii Street in the city's Lower Valley was in the thousands, and it left him and his family without a place to stay but one group turned that all around.

Wednesday, Aveytia got the final permits that will allow him to live in his home again and he tells ABC-7 it was a brotherhood that made it possible.

"I never imagined that I would be back in my house," said Aveytia, who was displaced along with his son, daughter and grandchild.

"When I was told that my brother's house burnt down I went to take a look, gave a professional opinion, which led to leading a charge to get the house fixed," El Paso Motorcycle Coalition member Anthony O' Hara said.

O' Hara gathered the help of the motorcycle club that boasts over 500 members.

The members along with A-1 Construction and Passage Supply, donated labor and supplies.

"He's my brother. He needed something done. We had the resources and and we got it accomplished for him," EPMC member John Grady said.

On Wednesday evening, Grady, the club and the contractors revealed the cost of the repairs. It came out to a zero balance.

"It feels great, a lot of relief, no stress and everything. It's good. Everybody came out to donate their time, everything. I don't have enough thanks for everybody," Aveytia told ABC-7.

Aveytia is expected to move into his remodeled home by the end of the week.

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