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EPFD: Bucket of hot tar left on roof caused Goodwill store to catch fire

EL PASO, Texas - A hot bucket of tar left on a roof caused a Goodwill store to go up in flames Tuesday evening, said officials with the El Paso Fire Department.

Officials said it happened around 6:15 p.m. at the Goodwill on the 7000 block of Alameda by Delta in South-Central El Paso. A passerby reportedly called 911 after seeing flames and smoke coming from the building. The fire was under control nearly 30 minutes later.

No one was inside of the store at the time.

The bucket was left by some roofers working on the roof earlier in the day, according to EPFD.

About 5% of the building reportedly suffered damage, estimated at $15,000. 
The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) reports that every year, over 4,000 structure fires are caused by hot work. Although all hot work involves inherent fire risks and hazards, the El Paso Fire Department and NFPA recommend these "best practices" when performing hot work.

·         Analyze the hazards. Perform a hazard assessment that identifies the scope of the work, potential hazards and methods of hazard control.
·         Monitor the atmosphere. Conduct effective gas monitoring in the work area using a properly-calibrated combustible gas detector prior to and during hot work activities. Do so even in areas where a flammable atmosphere is not anticipated.
·         Supervise contractors. Provide safety supervision for contractors conducting hot work. Inform contractors about site-specific hazards, including the presence of flammable materials.

To get more safety tips related to roofing or soldering, visit www.epfire.org.

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