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Hundreds attend funeral for Bandidos leader as law enforcement officers watch closely

Funeral for Bandidos leader watched closely by law enforcement

EL PASO, Texas - Hundreds of motorcyclists bid a final farewell to Bandidos Motorcycle Club President Juan Martinez.

The procession stretched for miles with bikers visiting from several parts of the U.S. with law enforcement making a large presence.

Bikers followed the white hearse carrying the body of Martinez.

The Harleys rumbled as they drove into Evergreen Cemetery.

Hundreds of motorcycle clubs including veterans and faith-based riders, attended the funeral.

And nearby, El Paso Police -- Sheriffs -- and state and federal agents watched closely.

Up above, helicopters operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Public Safety hovered over the procession.

The security is related to the shooting on El Paso's eastside that sent four men including Martinez to the hospital.

Martinez died days later from his injuries.

Shortly after, 34-year old Javier Gonzalez was charged with engaging in organized criminal activity murder and 58-year-old Manuel Gallegos was charged with engaging in organized criminal activity assault were arrested in connection with the shooting.

"It's upsetting that this happened," said one Bandidos club member.

Earlier this week the club's national president made the trip from Houston to reassure the public there would not be warfare on the streets.

The Department of Justice has ranked the Texas-based Bandidos Motorcycle Club as the second most dangerous motorcycle club in the nation, the most dangerous being the Hells Angels.

Two years ago, the Bandidos were invovled in the Waco shootout at Twin Peaks that left nine people dead.

Regardless of the club's past, it's national president told ABC-7 the El Paso community should have no fear.

"We're not the thugs and degenerates that everybody thinks we are. We've supported the community and will continue to do so," said the president.

It's estimated there are more than 2,000 members in the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, with some reaching as far away as Australia and Germany.

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