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ARENA LATEST: City, Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid agree to extend judge's restraining order

EL PASO, Texas - The City of El Paso and Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid have reached an agreement on a temporary injunction that will effectively extend the temporary restraining order keeping the City from entering into any new contracts with property owners in the Duranguito neighborhood.

The restraining order also keeps the City from issuing any new demolition permits for buildings and homes in the intended footprint for the "downtown multipurpose performing arts and entertainment facility."

The restraining order was granted by Travis County District Court Judge Amy Meachum through trial on July 17-18, 2017.

The City said this means the follow up hearing scheduled for July 3, 2017 will not take place.

"I am thankful to the City for agreeing voluntarily to extend the relief granted in the temporary restraining order while we await a final decision by Judge Meachum," said Cassandra McCrae, a TRLA attorney representing residents.

McCrae further stated, "This agreement conserves taxpayer resources and affords residents still living in the Duranguito neighborhood invaluable peace of mind for the coming weeks. City Attorney Sylvia Firth added that while she is confident the City will prevail at trial next month, the agreement to extend the temporary injunction pending the court's final decision makes sense given the nature of the TRLA clients' concerns and the short time until trial."

The City requested an expedited declaratory judgment proceeding to settle challenges concerning its authority to build an arena in the Duranguito neighborhood using funds from the 2012 Quality of Life bonds.

The TRLA intervened in that proceeding on behalf of residents who would be or have been displaced by the proposed project.

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