El Paso

A local organization helps 500 people in need

El pasoans fighting hunger hold...

Wednesday, El Pasoans Fighting Hunger held its third annual mobile food pantry and health clinic. The first 500 attendees were able to take home sacks filled with 23 pounds of food.

Attendees were also able to get free flu shots, wellness screenings and nutritional information.

Volunteers say that while it's great to help out hundreds of people, there's still a lot more needed to be done. According to El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, about 90,000 people in El Paso are food insecure.

"While nobody wants to talk about the fact that there are hungry people in the United States, there are hungry people," the Chief development officer for El Pasoans Fighting Hunger, Terri Wyatt said. "And our mission is to feed the hungry and to ensure that they are able to eat nutritionally sound food."

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