El Paso woman killed in Juarez

El Paso woman killed in Juarez

El Paso, Texas - The bludgeoned body of a woman found in a septic tank in south Juarez is identified as a U.S. citizen living in El Paso, according to Chihuahua State Police.

Mexican Police say the body of Valeria Amy Torres, 30, was found in the Granjas Polo Gamboa colonia, on Friday.

Torres' body was discovered bloodied with the front of her head traumatically smashed by an object, police say.

In an I-Team investigation, ABC-7 has learned Valeria Amy Torres may have had a checkered past.

According to 2009 federal court documents obtained by ABC-7, then 27-year-old Valeria Amy Torres was arrested and later convicted of bulk cash smuggling, and sentenced to 18 months in federal prison in Phoenix.

The indictment states that Torres was stopped by Customs and Border Protection agents performing southbound checks at the Ysleta Port of Entry on July 9, 2009. Torres told agents she had nothing to declare while attempting to cross into Mexico, the affidavit states. Agents testified they observed Torres was nervous and searched the Ford Ranger she was driving.

According to the indictment, a cash-sniffing dog alerted agents to hidden money stashed in the car. Agents say they found almost $268,000 in cash hidden in the truck's fuel tank, divided and individually marked and wrapped in cellophane.

After speaking with El Paso neighbors on the block where Torres lived, some of them say they knew of Torres' past. They say they did not know what type of work Torres did.

According to neighbors, Torres had three children living with her in her central El Paso home.

Raul Venegas says he attends summer school with Torres' oldest child at Burges High School.

Venegas says his friend has not shown up for class in weeks.

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