El Paso Triple-A baseball name to be revealed Tuesday afternoon; are there clues?

EL PASO, Texas - They're coming.

The mascot for El Paso's Triple A baseball team will be announced Tuesday afternoon.

That's what job postings on the Pacific Coast League's website have stated in recent weeks and billboards revealed around El Paso last week are pointing to, as well.

Youth baseball players will attend an event Tuesday afternoon at the Plaza Theatre where the name and logo will be revealed.

On the team's website and billboards, two mysterious eyes peer at you from in front of a blood red background.

One of the mascot's eyes even has a smiley face. A really, really happy smiley face.

Don't look for the U.S. Trademark Office website for a clue. There's no sign of any of any of the possible names being trademarked. Blame it on the government shutdown?

MoutainStar Sports Group's PR firm, Mithoff Burton, has bought up all of the website urls associated with the five team name finalists – Aardvarks, Buckaroos, Chihuahuas, Desert Gators, and Sun Dogs.

Also somebody has created Twitter and Instagram accounts for the five finalists – all starting with ep and then the mascot name.

That doesn't seem unusual until you see that the Desert Gators Twitter and Instagram accounts are the only ones that are protected. Maybe they are locked to throw off the scent?

A Mithoff Burton employee said they would get back to ABC-7 on whether or not their agency or MountainStar created the Twitter/Instagram accounts. The employee later sent an email stating the team name and logo would be revealed Tuesday. The previous questions were not answered.

Desert Gators makes sense as the choice given the city's alligators/lagartos history in San Jacinto Plaza.

Brandiose, the company that came up with the design of the name and mascot, said in a video that they looked at the city's history for inspiration with the mascot creation.

In the video, you can see printouts of different pictures showing several parts of El Paso's history, including a bull, ASARCO, and a Mexican food sign among other things.

Desert Gators would seem to fit right in with El Paso's history.

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