El Paso still has lots of treasures waiting to be found

Follow simple tips for successful thrift-shop finds

Thrift Shops Hold a World of Treasures in El Paso

EL PASO, Texas - You may not have a Warhol stashed away in your closet but antique experts say there are plenty of gems in the borderland still waiting to be found.

You just have to know where to go.

Antiques Roadshow will air the show's three-part-visit to El Paso on PBS this week, but if you didn't have anything of value hidden away in your closet -- you can still go out and discover your own treasure.

The Discovery Shop in northeast El Paso was ranked best in town by the website

That's where we found an old old army chest from World War II, dated 1942.
It didn't have a price tag but we found similar items online which cost upwards of a hundred dollars.

One of the tips for hunters is to look for markings or serial numbers.
Write them down before you buy and pull them up on a search engine online.
Look for how much similar items have sold for in the past. Look for profit margin rather than just the price.

If you find something online selling for 10-times the price of a similar antique you see in the store, that's probably a good buy.

It'd be hard to take a complete loss on the buy should you ever choose to sell it.
On the other hand, if you find something that's priced at $100 in the store and it's $120 online -- you have a better chance of taking a hit should you resell the item in the future, because the potential profit margin is only 20%.

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