El Paso State Representatives head out to State Capitol

El Paso State Reps will be heading to Austin

El Paso, Texas - The 2013 Texas legislative session will begin next week and local state representatives are heading out to Austin.

It's an exiting time for state reps, a fresh start, new goals and new dilemmas.

ABC-7 caught up with state Rep. Joe Moody and talked about the upcoming session as he was packing for the trip.

"I'm exited there's alot of logistics to figure out," said Moody.

Moody tells ABC-7 there's more to it than most would think. He still has a staff to hire and place to stay and he hasn't gotten keys to the office.

"Starting about 5 a.m. tomorrow morning if the roads are good enough, there will be about a six-car caravan and a moving truck heading that way," said Moody.

Moody has served as a state representative before, but he's still fired up to head back to Austin.

"Its exiting, I'm very honored to get the opportunity to serve this district again," said Moody.

Despite the commencment ceromonies and swearing in, Moody says he's ready to get down to business.

"The No. 1 public concern is our public education system," said Moody.

Two years ago, lawmakers slashed public education funds by $5.4 billion and now Moody wants to restore the deep cuts and get education back on track.

"We need to get out of the teachers way, let's let them teach and do their job instead of hampering them," said Moody.

There's also a major issue with Medicaid expansion. It's on the brink of seeing serious funding cuts.

"El paso would lose millions of dollars and thousands of people would not have the access to the health care that they would need," said Moody.

Moody tells ABC-7 the delegation is ready for the task.

"Every single member of this legislation is in favor of that expansion," said Moody.

This would also be the first time in two years that local representation, including Sen. Jose Rodriguez, Marissa Marquez, Naomi Gonzales, Joe Pickett, Mary Gonzales and Joe Moody are all Democratic.

"There are members that are in the minority part that have been able to do very well and be very effective and really it isn't about partisan politics in Austin," said Moody.

Moody also tells ABC-7 he's going to be picking up on projects he left off. Moody's working on a tourism center for the Franklin Mountain State Park, which he says can help increase tourism for the city.



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