El Paso schools vying for grants in Clorox contest

EL PASO, Texas - The Clorox Company is committed to making a difference both in and out of the classroom. And for the fourth year, the Power A Bright Future program is giving students more chances to play, create and explore by awarding 7 grants—4 based on votes, and 3 based on merit. The nomination with the most votes overall will receive a $50,000 grant. The nominations with the most votes in each category will each receive a $25,000 grant. Clorox will then review all nominations and pick one from each category based on merit to award a $25,000 grant in each category. Click here to see merit based grant criteria.

Power A Bright Future celebrates all activities, from academic to extracurricular. We're seeking nominations to help provide resources to school programs that give kids the opportunity to grow and develop. The three categories, Play, Create and Explore, all focus on different aspects of educational experiences.

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El Paso schools participating:

Guillen Middle School, El Paso, TX, Enhance our Journalism, Photography and Music Programs; #26 ranked in:  2062pbf

Crockett Elementary, El Paso, TX, Upgrade needed for our Crockett Video Club,
#228 ranked in:  617pbf

Ysleta Elementary, El Paso, TX, Combat Childhood Obesity Through Walking, Running, Dancing, and Hiking, #247 ranked in:  592pbf

Western Hills Elementary, El Paso, TX, make Western Hills Artful Endeavor the event of a lifetime, #284 ranked in:  1484pbf

Andress High School, El Paso, TX, Buy new instruments for the band, #300 ranked in:  1310pbf

Crockett Elementary School, El Paso, TX, Create an after school program to provide love for reading, #303 ranked in:  763pbf

Text this respective number to 95248 to vote for that nominee via SMS text.

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