El Paso School District reallocates $60M to various high schools

The funds originally came from the district's 2007 bond.

EL PASO, Texas - How to spend $60 million? That's the question decided by the El Paso Independent School Board of Managers Tuesday night.

The funds originally came from the district's 2007 bond. It was earmarked to build a new high school in northeast El Paso, to accommodate new students coming into Fort Bliss. But the expected housing development was never built, and new students never came, leaving the district with no choice but to cancel plans for the $60 million campus. 

Tuesday night the district's bond committee suggested ways to reallocate this money.

Here is where its going:

- $10,080,000 million for multipurpose classrooms at various schools.

- $7,934,400 million for renovations at Irvin High.

- $17,600,000 million for HVAC upgrades.

-  $10,210,590 million for renovations at Andres High.

- $5,937,560 million for 12 classroom and field additions.

- $4,515,000 million for athletic upgrades at Bowie, Franklin, Jefferson high school.

The board also agreed to share costs with the city to build a 50-meter indoor pool at Franklin High. The pool was a project promised in the city's 2012 Quality of Life bonds. EPISD students and the public will have access. The board and city staff expect to hammer out those details by March.

Northeast Trustee Chuck Taylor claims putting in the board of managers was illegal.
His case against Texas Education Agency Commissioner Michael Williams and Board President Dee Margo was dismissed with prejudice in court. 

The board said it cost the district $20,000 to fight it and they expect Taylor to take them to court again.

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