El Paso Salvation Army To Rename Emergency Family Center

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso's Salvation Army, a mainstay in the community that dates back to 1899, is preparing to rename the Emergency Family Center that regularly houses 100, or more, homeless men, women and children each night.

During a ceremony to be held at the center at 6 p.m. Monday the El Paso Salvation Army will rename their facilities the Red Shield Family Center. The group's director told County Commissioners Court on Monday that the change in name is meant to reflect everything that they do in the community.

On Monday morning more than 100 people woke up at the homeless shelter and ate a meal. According to members of the Salvation Army those families, on average, find a permanent home in 90 days thanks to the programs they offer.

The group, which was part of a resolution from Commisioners Court which declared their support for the nonprofit, is also unveiling the new Gideon's Point Overnight Shelter Program, a solo adult shelter that can house 30-40 adults at any given time.

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