El Paso Reacts to Presidential Debate

Bar patrons have channel switched from ballgame to debates

EL PASO, Texas - They say there are two things you should not talk about in a bar: religion and politics.

Bar patrons at Jaxson's Restaurant and Brewery were put to the test when the televisions were switched from the Yankees/Red Sox game to the presidential debates.

"There are two things you shouldn't have in a bar, religion and politics," one bar goer said. "All bets are off tonight."

When the channels were changed, there was not any protest.

As Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama took challenged one another, bar goers listened quietly and intently.

More patrons even stepped up to the bar to take in the debates.

There was no applause.  There were no boos.

"I'm dizzy," one watcher said. "They've been going around in circles for an hour and a half."

"The hardcore Democrats will never vote for a Republican, no matter how bad their candidate is," watcher Elias Hernandez said. "And the hardcore Republicans won't vote for a Democrat no matter how bad their candidate is."

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