El Paso Ranks Safest City In US

City Safest For Polulations Over 500,000

EL PASO, Texas - For the first time, El Paso has been named the city with the lowest crime rate in the United States with a population of over 500,000 residents.

Officials said El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen was proud to announce the ranking, which has just been released by CQ Press in its latest city crime rankings.

Honolulu, HI was the second safest city and New York, NY was the third.

Since 1997, El Paso has been ranked in the second or third spot of safest cities by this independent study. Other Texas cities in the top 10 are Austin at No. 6 and Fort Worth at No. 10.

In a release, police spokesman Darrel G. Petry stated, "Chief Allen attributes this accomplishment to the community policing efforts and the many partnerships that the El Paso Police Department has developed with citizens, other law enforcement agencies, city departments, and various civic groups throughout El Paso. Additionally, this success could not have been accomplished without the hard work and dedication of each and every El Paso Police Department employee, sworn and civilian that work each day to make El Paso the safest place in the United States. Chief Greg Allen wishes to extend his thanks to the citizens of El Paso for their continued success in making El Paso the safest in the United States to live and work."

CQ Press is an independent research firm that conducts various safety studies of cities, metropolitan areas and states.

CQ Press City Crime Rankings 2010-2011 Rankings by Population Categories CITIES OF 500,000 OR MORE POPULATION (34 CITIES)

Lowest Crime Rate Ranking Highest Crime Rate Ranking 1. El Paso, TX 1. Detroit, MI 2. Honolulu, HI 2. Baltimore, MD 3. New York, NY 3. Memphis, TN 4. San Jose, CA 4. Washington, DC 5. San Diego, CA 5. Atlanta, GA 6. Austin, TX 6. Indianapolis, IN 7. Portland, OR 7. Philadelphia, PA 8. Los Angeles, CA 8. Milwaukee, WI 9. Seattle, WA 9. Houston, TX 10. Fort Worth, TX 10. Columbus, OH

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