El Paso Police warn of sweepstakes scam

EL PASO, Texas - The El Paso Police Department's White Collar Crime unit is currently investigating a scam that has resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars.

Police say that an unidentified male caller explains to the victim that he represents an organization called "Global International Sweepstakes and Lottery Inc." and that the person has won a sweepstakes.

On more than one occasion taxi cabs were summoned to potential victims' residences where the cab driver advised they had been sent to pick up an elderly resident.

To date the victim and other potential victims have refused the cab rides but investigators have reason to believe the same person calling for the sweepstakes sent the cabs in addition to other home delivery services in an attempt to obtain more personal and financial information.

The White Collar Unit is reminding the public that if you do not personally enter a sweepstakes or lottery you cannot win the prizes. They also advise that you should be suspicious of any solicitation that involves these types of claims especially when up-front money is required to obtain the prize.

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