El Paso Police Statement Regarding Hate Crime Allegations

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso Police Det. Mike Baranyay, Office of Public Affairs, issued the following statement on hate crimes allegations:

"The El Paso Police Department received a report the morning of April 30, 2011 related to an incident that occurred in the vicinity of the Old Plantation. Based on the fact that the incident is currently being investigated we cannot speak as to the particular facts involved in this case.

"What we can say is that the El Paso Police Department provides police service to all members of the community equally and impartially. Our Internal Affairs Division has not received any recent complaints related to an officer's refusal to properly document any hate crime.

"The fact that no person has filed a complaint related to this topic is indicative that either the problem does not truly exist or citizens are not voicing their concerns through the proper venues.

"With that said, every organization requires their customers be forthcoming with information to improve the quality of service provided, especially when improvements are needed.

"The El Paso Police Department has always encouraged citizens who feel they have not received professional police services to come forward and voice their concerns so that they can be investigated and addressed."

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