El Paso Police: Man throws wife from balcony; both are soldiers

Army spokesman says actions 'not conducive to conduct or standards'

Attempted murder

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso police say a man was arrested for attempted murder after he allegedly threw his wife from the third-story of their eastside apartment complex  early Saturday morning.

An army spokesman has confirmed both Geomel "Mel" Shaffa and his 21-year-old wife are soldiers at Fort Bliss.

Police said the woman was transported to Del Sol Medical Center with injuries to her ribs, back, skull and one of her lungs.  She was found lying on the gravel beneath the couple's apartment.

The spouses had been arguing when the fight got physical and Geomel Shaffa threw his wife off of the balcony, police said.  Police say Geomel Shaffa continued to fight officers once they arrived, punching a policeman in the face.

"We are cooperating with EPPD who has lead in investigation and jurisdiction," Fort Bliss spokesman Lt. Col. Lee Peters wrote in a statement to ABC-7. "These actions are not conducive to the conduct of standards we expect from our soldiers. Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured soldier and hope she has a speedy recovery."

Geomel Shaffa has been charged with attempted murder, resisting arrest and assault on a public servant.


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