El Paso Police investigating why police report created in minor collision between off-duty cop, State Rep. Margo

Unfounded police report in State Rep. Margo crash investigat

EL PASO, Texas - Unfounded allegations of wrongdoing is what El Paso police are calling the actions of some police officers who created a police report following a minor car crash between a state representative and an off-duty officer.

Police said that back on Sept. 7 State Rep. Dee Margo and off-duty officer Alberto Machorro were involved a minor collision. After inspecting their vehicles, Machorro reportedly agreed to "leave it at that" and they went their separate ways.

Police said that when some on-duty supervisors learned of the crash, they created a report alleging wrongdoing by representative Margo.

Police said special investigators looked into those allegations and concluded they are baseless and have launched an internal investigation.

Margo said that while he is troubled by the fact that some police officers made unfounded accusations he remains confident in El Paso's police department.

"I have immense respect for the men and women who serve in the police department and and law enforcement, so I don't want to speculate beyond anything that uh, this is exactly what I've been saying the entire time," Margo said.

Police said the crash itself does not meet the state requirements for the filing of a police report.

El Paso Police spokesman Chris Mears said "it's not uncommon for a criminal report to be ultimately unfounded. It may have been as simple as supervisors trying to ensure everything was documented given the case involved an officer and a politician but in their efforts may have overreacted. It is important to note he was never charged with anything."

Machorro is the name of an officer involved in a court of inquiry when he and another police officer were accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old in 2002.

Three years later and after four court cases a jury once again found the officers innocent of criminal wrongdoing and civil rights violations.

A court of inquiry found "insufficient evidence of a cover-up by the El Paso Police in connection with this (2002) case."

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