El Paso Police investigate West Side home invasion; suspects wore wolf, Zorro-type masks

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso police are investigating a home invasion that occurred in West El Paso Friday afternoon.

El Paso police spokesman Mike Baranyay said, "At this point of the investigation, the public should be not concerned about their safety."

ABC-7 spoke with the victim, who did not want to reveal his identity.

The man told ABC-7 he was with his girlfriend at home when he heard noise coming from the back of the home. He went to check and saw two men - one with a wolf mask, the other with a Zorro-type mask. He said one man was holding a bat and swung and shattered a window. The victim said the shattered window injured him and then the suspects entered the home and beat him with the bat.

The victim said they made him go into a backroom while his girlfriend, who heard everything happening, went into a room and hid.

The victim said the suspects then left and didn't appear to take anything. They also ditched the bat in a bush outside the home.

They then make the man to get in a back room. At this point, the girlfriend hears everything and goes into a room and hides. The suspects then leave. Man says it doesn't appear they didn't take anything. The suspects ditched the bat in a bush outside the home.

Police say there were no serious injuries and no one is in custody.

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