El Paso Police: 2 Strip Club Employees Charged With Prostitution

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso Police on Thursday afternoon arrested and charged two women for prostitution at a strip club as a result of an ongoing investigation, according to police officials.

Police say that Vanessa Delgado, 28, of the 200 block of Moon Lane in and Diane Lyn Parker, 41, of the 600 block of Achim Drive in Horizon City, both employees of Foxy's Gentleman's Club, in East El Paso, engaged in prostitution by offering sex or a sex act for money.

Delgado was charged with prostitution and also had eleven outstanding municipal warrants for total bonds of $2,724.00. Parker was booked on the prostitution charge and had one outstanding traffic warrant for a total bond of $556.20.

A police news release did not specify whether the arrests were part of a sting operation at Foxy's and other nightclubs, or the result of regular enforcement.

The City of El Paso is battling the owners of Foxy's and another strip club, the Lamplighter, in federal court over whether or not the strip clubs should have to abide by a sexually oriented business ordinance the city passed in 2007.

In 1995, the city settled with the corporate owners of Foxy's and the Lamplighter regarding nude live entertainment operating within 1,000 feet of certain land uses, like churches and schools. Under the settlement, the clubs would be legal as long as they stayed at the same locations and maintained the same owners and operators.

In 2007, when the city passed a new sexually oriented business ordinance, it deemed the clubs violated the 1995 agreement because a shareholder of one of the corporations changed.

A former and a current shareholder testified in court in December, as did the corporation's corporate attorney.

They all said it was their understanding that as long as CR&R, Inc. maintained ownership of the clubs, nothing would change, even if the shareholders changed.

Laura Gordon, who was the city attorney in 1995, testified it was her understanding that 'owner and operator' referred to the corporation and the individuals involved.

But the defense said the city filed the lawsuit to compel the clubs to conform to the new ordinance.

In early January, federal Judge Kathleen Cardone told both sides she would decide soon if the clubs violated the terms of the 1995 agreement.

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