El Paso parents works to create harsher DUI laws in North Dakota

El Paso parents who lost their children to a suspected drunk driver in North Dakota are calling for tougher drunk driving laws in the state.

The parents lost Alaries Ruiz, 9, and Cyris Ruiz, 5, last summer, and have been lobbying at the state's capitol over the past month.

Friday the family made appeals to lawmakers, in efforts to push a new bill forward.

A newspaper in Bismarck covered the family's plea:

"Members of two families who suffered losses in separate July 2012 accidents involving drunken drivers made emotional appeals to lawmakers Friday to strengthen North Dakota's DUI laws.

The Senate Transportation Committee heard more than two hours of testimony on Senate Bill 2240.

SB2240 increases the penalties for driving under the influence. It also would have a special mark placed on a driver's license and bar an offender from purchasing or drinking alcohol while the mark remains on the license. SB2240 also would make installing an advanced ignition interlock device a condition for receiving a restricted driver's license."

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