El Paso ISD's open enrollment policy isn't for everyone; the district has requirements

Veronica said it's Coronado High, specifically, that refuses to approve transfer students.

episd open enrollment

EL PASO, Texas - The El Paso Independent School District moved to an open enrollment policy this year. This means students in any part of town can apply to attend EPISD schools. But one parent is finding out not everyone will be accepted.

An ABC-7 viewer named Veronica wrote in this weekend, telling us she thinks EPISD's open enrollment is perfect for the community. But then she came to conclusion westside schools are biased and making it impossible for outside students to get in.

ABC-7 reached out to the district to find out if there's any merit to this. Veronica said it's Coronado High, specifically, that refuses to approve transfer students.

She writes,"They are being very selective as to who should attend their schools." After calling the district up, ABC-7 found out yes, in fact they are. EPISD requires transfer students to meet the following criteria:

1. Student must meet the 90% attendance for the previous year.
2. Student must have passing grades in all classes for previous year.
3. Student must have passed all portions of their latest state test or assessment exam
4. Student coming from home school, private school, non-accredited school must show satisfactory scores on standardized achievement tests at the 50TH percentile or above.
5. Student must not have any disciplinary history from the previous year.

To enroll, a parent would have to first find out if the choice of their choice has room. They could then apply. The school's principal would decided whether the student is accepted. And then submits the choice to the district for final approval.

EPISD said the new policy is so far successful, and they're currently counting how many out of district students are coming in.

Ysleta ISD also has open enrollment. They give priority to students living within their attendance zone and hold the right to revoke transfers if a student has poor attendance, performance, bad behavior, and lack of parental support.

It's the district prerogative.

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