El Paso High Tigers vs Burges Mustangs.

Game of the Week, El Paso High Tigers vs Burges Mustangs

EL PASO, Texas - The game lived up to the name.  Both the El Paso High Tigers and Burges Mustangs were teams coming off their first District wins of the year and looking to continue on their successful seasons.  The game featured two running style teams led by the Burges brother's Alvin and Aaron Jones and Tigers quarterback Jesus Escodebo.

Aaron Jones was coming back from an injury that sidelined him for two games and hoping to give the Mustang's a spark on offense.  The game started out slow for Burges as the Tigers defense was able to contain the Jones brother's but the Tigers offense was also struggling with false start penalties and couldn't get a big lead in the first half only leading 7-3.

In the second half El Paso High was beginning to gain more and more momentum by literally hurdling their way to a 17-7 lead after Escodebo got into the end-zone with a one yard qb draw.  After that though, the Mustang's offense, most notably the Jones brothers, finally started clicking when Quarterback Joseph Zubia, who wasn't in the starting lineup, threw a easy check down pass to Aaron Jones and ran it 30 yards for the touchdown that gave life to the Mustang's team, only down four points.

Time was not on Burges's side though, as they needed to get the ball back right away and only having one timeout left to stop the clock.  The Mustang's weren't able to make the Tigers go three and out but were able to make them punt with only 40 seconds remaining.  This is where the impossible happened.  Instead of punting out of bounds and making Burges try to get a hail-mary down the field, the Tigers punted straight to the dangerous Alvin Jones with great blocking down the field, Jones took it 68 yards to the house for the win.  That returned reminded me of NFL wide receiver Desean Jackson, of the Philadelphia Eagles, who in 2010 did the exact same thing to the New York Giants and made everyone say, why did they ever kick it to him. 

Burges now improves to (4-1) overall and (2-1) in district play, of course that only loss came to the Chapin Huskies.  El Paso High falls below .500 and plays a Jefferson team that is still looking for their first district win.

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