El Paso Fan Reacts to Final Episode of All My Children

EL PASO, Texas - "All My Children" was a daytime TV classic, but he show's incredibly long run and devoted followers couldn't save the soap from being canceled due to low ratings.

The final episode of "All My Children" aired Friday afternoon, but unlike the miraculous dream sequences and near-death recoveries on the popular soap, the show finally met its real-life ending.

The that series ran for more than 40 years and included a mix of plot twists and edgy issues that had viewers hooked. Rose Papke has been a devoted fan of the show since she started watching with her mom while Papke was still in high school.

"You could sure relate," said Papke. "When I had a baby, they had a baby. When my kids were baptized, their kids were baptized. It's the stuff like that, dorky stuff, (like) graduation."

According to Papke, the portrayal of family life kept her coming back every season.

"The feeling of family, watching a family, they figure things out," said Papke. "Things are bad, things are good, but they're still together as a family."

But the drama isn't over for Papke. She said if ABC goes through with a web series, she'll be the first to watch.

A new show called "The Chew" will be replacing "All My Children." The new series about cooking and home entertaining starts Monday.

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