El Paso Electric wants you to recycle old fridge, other appliances

EL PASO, Texas - Want to free up some space and also lower your utility bill? Consider El Paso Electric for an easy rewarding and responsible way to dispose of secondary energy inefficient appliances.

Why recycle? These are the top five reasons to participate:

It's easy. The only lifting required is lifting your finger to call 1-877-643-1956 or visit to schedule a home pickup
It's free. Recycling your fridge through the program will not cost a cent. El Paso Electric will pick up your old unit from your home and haul it away for free.
It pays. All program participants receive a $30 incentive check. Use your $30 incentive to catch a movie or head over to Southwest University Park and cheer on the El Paso Chihuahuas.
It saves. Because older units were not built to current energy efficiency standards, retiring and recycling an inefficient refrigerator or freezer can save you up to $150 annually through reduced household energy costs.
It's green. Recycling a single fridge can have the impact of taking two cars off the road for a year. By ensuring your old unit is safely and responsibly recycled, you save it from rusting away in a landfill and instead repurpose the materials back into the manufacturing stream.

Source: El Paso Electric

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