El Paso Deputy City Manager Shang says politics, being truthful are why she's on administrative leave

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso Deputy City Manager Jane Shang tells a little bit why she's been put on administrative leave.

Shang visited Des Moines, Iowa this week where she is one of four candidates for the city's vacant city manager position.

The Des Moines Register asked why Shang took a 10-month paid administrative leave option in El Paso.

"There are some political issues…I will always be honest and be truthful. I'll tell people what I think whether you want to hear it or not. And sometimes people don't want to hear it and people take some action," Shang told the newspaper.

Former El Paso city manager Joyce Wilson told the Des Moines Register that Shang was not removed for cause but due to politics and "relationship issues" with some City Council members.

City of El Paso officials won't disclose why Shang has been placed on administrative leave, saying only it is a "personnel matter."

According to an investigation by our news partners at El Paso Inc., Shang went on a European vacation at the end of April and returned to find out outgoing city manager Joyce Wilson had placed her on leave with pay through December.

After that, Shang is expected to exhaust her vacation, which would take her to April 2015.

Shang's annual salary is $175,000, the Inc. Reported.

As deputy city manager of the city's Mobility Portfolio in El Paso, Shang oversees the departments of transportation, international bridges, mass transit, engineering & construction management, general services and coordinates with the Public Service Board.

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