El Paso daycare reported Farreys to CPS a year ago

Workers say boy would arrive with same diaper they put on him the day before

EL PASO - Reports of negligence involving Jeffrey and Jenna Farrey surfaced about a year ago from an East El Paso daycare, where they often left their 19-month-old son Blake.

A worker there told ABC-7 that the director of the Little Monsters Learning Center shared concerns about Blake with Child Protective Services. He was 7 months old at the time.

The employee said Jenna Farrey enrolled Blake at the daycare on Lomaland Drive last November, but he didn't stay there long. The employee, who did not want to be identified, said after a report was made to CPS, Farrey stopped bringing Blake to the daycare.

"I found out today, in the morning, about Jackson," the employee said Wednesday, "and it just broke me."

She said it didn't take long to notice signs of neglect on little Blake Farrey.

"His stomach was very big and when we would give him a bottle he would just snatch it from us," she said. "He was very, very little and his stomach was too big for him and he looked ... He didn't look healthy at all."

She said Blake often arrived wearing the same diaper daycare workers had put on him the day before.

"As soon as the director arrived at the daycare, we had told her and she immediately called CPS," the daycare employee said. "We noticed that there was little marks on him and at first we thought it was just a rash, but then we started noticing it was more on his body. So that's when we told CPS about that, too."

A CPS spokesman told ABC-7 the supervisor, who worked a neglectful supervision case involving Jenna Farrey, had no record of these allegations from a year ago.

"They are supposed to be there to protect the children and obviously they didn't," she said. "And now, Jackson's gone and poor Blake, he's just there when he could have been taken care of a long time ago."

Initially, the owner and director of Little Monsters Learning Center, Alan and Toni Alvarez, agreed to speak with ABC-7 about the CPS report they claimed was filed last year. However, when ABC-7 arrived at their other location in Northeast El Paso, they said they had since been advised by the agency that licenses the daycare not to speak to the media.

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