El Paso County updates hiring policies for LGBT+ inclusiveness

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso County is putting into place some changes to it's hiring policies to make it more inclusive of LGBT+ and more.

"We wanted to look at what policies in the county - what they reflect and how we could look at making sure that here at the county," said David Stout, (D)
Commissioner Precinct 2, "here at El Paso County, we're not being discriminatory against any group."

It was a fairly simple policy update on the commissioners court consent agenda that Stout wanted to bring greater attention to this week. Given recent debates around the state and country, the county has now updated it's equal opportunity employment clause.

"To include the necessary language to reflect that our hiring practices provide an equal opportunity without regard to sexual orientation and gender identity among other characteristics," Stout said, reading from the agenda item.

Stout said the county is limited in addressing inclusiveness in other ways for now like changing bathrooms, which could require funding to make more inclusive or gender neutral. But Stout and other elected officials in the county see it as an important step to make the county and community more inclusive.

"You know," said State Senator Jose Rodrigez (D), "it's a reflection of El Paso again leading the way and letting people know that in this community we respect everyone, regardless of their background, regardless of their various differences."

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