El Paso county sheriff's deputy arrested for 'criminal, outrageous' behavior

Deputy allegedly asked detainee for sexual act

EL PASO, Texas - An El Paso county sheriff's deputy is accused of soliciting a sexual act from a woman as he took her to the county jail.

The alleged incident happened Saturday, May 3, investigators said.

The deputy, 27-year-old Reuben Rodriguez, has been charged with Improper Sexual Activity with Person in Custody and Tampering with Physical Evidence.

A statement from the sheriff's office does not specify what the deputy allegedly asked the woman to do or why he is charged with tampering with evidence.

Jail records show Rodriguez, a five-year veteran, was booked and released Tuesday,  the same day he resigned from the department.

In a statement, El Paso Sheriff Richard Wiles said, "Not only are the actions of this individual criminal, but they are outrageous and will not be tolerated by the El Paso County Sheriff's Office."

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