EL PASO, Texas -

El Paso City Council has approved its budget

The budget passed 6-2 with Carl Robinson and Lily Limon voting no.

The budget has $359 million in expenditures and $359 million in revenue.

It includes a franchise fee increase for the water utility starting Sept. 1 to raise $3.5 million dollars, and recommending the fee be charged to non-residential meters.

That means $192 annually for commercial properties.

The budget also includes increases to the parks and zoo users.

Asked if the additional revenue from the franchise fee could be earmarked to specific streets projects, City Manager Tommy Gonzalez clarified for council "Money goes to general fund, it becomes fudgeable. It can be allocated to all the needs."

In other City Council news:

City is increasing the fee for parking meters.

The airport’s capital improvement plan also was approved.