El Paso boxer Antonio Escalante says he doesn't have drinking problem

Boxer has been arrested on 3 separate DWI charges since February

EL PASO, Texas - A day after ABC-7 found out he was arrested earlier this month for his third DWI this year, El Paso boxer Antonio Escalante called a news conference.

The gathered media expected Escalante to discuss the alleged DWIs.

But his promoter and manager quickly told everyone he would not be talking about his legal situation - only his upcoming fight for the IBO title in California on August 15.

According to court records, Escalante's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) was greater than or equal to .15 when he was arrested at 4:07 p.m. July 13 at 800 N. Piedras for alleged DWI.

Police say that probable cause for the traffic stop was defective vehicle equipment.

Police say the officer observed signes of intoxication on the driver, Escalante.

Escalante was unable to successfully complete the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and was placed under arrest.

Escalante later provided a breath sample of 0.21 and was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility on the charge of Driving While Intoxicated with a BAC >.15.  Bond was set at $750.

Court records also show that Escalante was arrested on June 2 for allegedly driving while intoxicated with a child under 15 years of age and arrested on Feb. 25 for DWI.

If convicted of all three DWIs he faces two to 10 years in prison.  

Although his promoter said he was not talking about the DWIs, ABC-7 did press him for answers.
ABC-7 asked Escalante whether he has a drinking problem, to which he quickly responded, "I don't. I don't have a drinking problem."
ABC-7 then asked him whether he had anything to say to his fans and the people of El Paso.

"Mainly, I do want to apologize for my acts," Escalante said. "I'm an athlete, I don't touch the alcohol, any of that. That's not me. And I just want to apologize to any people that really don't believe in me, they got upset ... I'm really sorry ... I'm telling you all I'm going to get back on my feet and like I said years back, I'm going to the first champion of the world out of El Paso - and I will be."
ABC-7 tried to get in touch with Escalante's attorney, Ruben Ortiz, who was not at today's news conference. ABC-7 has yet to hear back from him.

Escalante said Ortiz has told him he is free  to travel to California next month while out on bond.

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