YISD Superintendent addresses rumor of consolidation, calls it a fairy tale made up by board member

YISD Superintendent addresses rumor...

EL PASO, Texas - Wednesday evening the Ysleta Independent School District held a board meeting. Among the topics discussed were the district's 2017-2018 budget which was approved.

During the budget discussion, board members and district Superintendent Xavier De La Torre spoke about teachers salaries for the coming year.

 De La Torre says teachers will be given a 2 percent increase at the mid-point of their salary. A $450 holiday lump some in December and teachers who have been with the district 30 plus years -- will be awarded with a salary increase of one step and a $1,000 bonus.

During public comment, several women took the stand to speak against the possible consolidation of Ascarate Elementary School and Cedar Grove Elementary School.

"18 months ago when plans for the bond were discussed, we were told there was a plan to consolidate the two schools," said parent Violeta Dominguez.

De La Torre asked Dominguez where she had heard about the consolidations and she replied, "In the news."

De La Torre responded by saying," As of today, this board nor this staff has had any conversation of consolidating Cedar Grove or Ascarate Elementary."

During that interaction, Board Member Ana M. Duenez spoke out saying, "It is going to happen!"

Duenez's microphone was then cut off.

"It's an intentional distortion of the truth. It's a fairy tale to incite that community. It's been promoted by trustee Duenez and there's no truth to it," De La Torre said.


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