SISD students head back to school Monday

SISD students head back to school Monday

EL PASO, Texas - The relaxing days of summer break are done, school clothes and supplies have been purchased, now it's back to the books for students in the Socorro Independent School District. 

As the estimated 46,000 students navigate their way from class to class, SISD faculty is ensuring students have the necessary skills and technology to equip them for a successful future. 

Last week, SISD staff went through a hands-on training for ways to implement the latest educational software in the classroom. 

"Formative assessment tools like clickers, quizzes."said Denisa Morales, an instructional technology specialist for the district ."We have a lot of great questions about QR codes, and how do you engage them in the classroom."

Morales is a part of a team responsible for continuing digital education for teachers and students. 

"We go out to the campuses and make sure we provide them with a lot of common sense media lessons to express digital safety: how to remain safe online," said Morales. "Looking at those domain names, and how do you discern which ones are really the ones we want to go to, and which ones are the credible sources. So that's part of what we do with our students, we go out there and provide those lessons."

SISD Superintendent Superintendent Jose Espinoza said the district has made strides in the past few years. 

"We were behind the state in nine out of 17," said Espinoza. "For the last four years -- consecutive years -- we are no long behind the state in nine out of 17. We are ahead of the state in 17 out of the 17 exams. That tells our community that our students are being prepared for their college or career of their choice.  

Preparing students for higher education, the military or the workforce is one of the goals SISD has for students. Espinoza said credits much of the success on the dedicated employees that helped make the success continue.  

"We have passionate individuals who will run through walls for our students to make sure that they're successful," said Espinoza. 


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