Federal grant helps at-risk women in Borderland

Federal grant helps at-risk women in...

EL PASO, Texas - A federal grant is giving help to women at risk of physical and sexual assault in the borderland. 

It's called Mujer Saludable Familia Feliz, and provides services like HIV and Hepatitis C testing. 
Community nutrition classes are also offered, and are open to the public due to high Diabetes rates in the region. 
UTEP professor Dr. Thenral Mangadu called the grant essential for area women, and hopes many utilize the services. 
"If this program is to be a success, and benefit the community as much as possible..all the community members who come and get services from the program spread the word among their networks and families," said Dr. Mangadu. 
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration provided funding for the grant. 
Researchers working on the project said they are focusing on these areas in El Paso because residents may not have the same access to services as others would in other parts of the city. 
For help go to:
Socorro TX Rio Vista Community Center
San Elizario Catholic Church
San Lorenzo Church in Clint
Maya's Garden Party Hall
To connect with organizations for these resources or to coordinate presentations about safe sex, nutrition, violence prevention, and HIV/HCV testing, call 915-747-7242.


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