EL PASO, Texas -

The El Paso Independent School District is looking to add more volunteers to the Parent Teacher Association.

Not all schools at EPISD currently has a PTA but one woman wants to change that.

Edith Velasco is the newly-elected EPISD President of the Council of PTAs and said every bit of help makes a difference.

Velasco's children attend Polk Elementary School.

"It's a wonderful thing when parents are involved. Research has shown that when parents are in the school, the students get into less trouble, their self-esteem improves and they get better grades," Velasco said.

Volunteers take part in school projects and help execute events through out the school year.

In some schools, Velasco said the PTA helps establish a relationship with military families who are new to the area.

Jennifer Quinn, PTA president at Polk Elementary said parents may have a preconceived notion about how much time is spent in the PTA.

"A donation or donating some supplies every little bit helps," Quinn said.

Parents or grandparents can volunteer any amount of time and there is no fee to join the PTA.

Quinn said the organization also helps educators on campus.

"We try to get a lot of enrichment type programs or we help out with getting teachers different things in the classroom that help the students learn better," Quinn said.

To sign up, contact your child's campus or register online at pta.org.