EPISD gives students a cutting-edge space to express creativity

EPISD gives students a cuttingedge...

EL PASO, Texas - The El Paso Independent School District is giving students a way to express their creativity during the school day. 

In all 10 traditional high schools in the district, a room in the library has been dubbed the Makerspace. 

Students get access to innovative tools like 3-D printers, music recording equipment and sewing machines, to name a few. 

Burges High School Librarian Bonnie Gaenzle said in the digital world, the creative coves carve a path for students to get a step closer to the world of literacy. 

"They're introduced to the world of becoming a lifelong learner," said Gaenzle. 

District officials said it cost roughly $750,000 to construct the Makerspace rooms, and $500,000 for equipment at all 10 high schools. The EPISD board of trustees approved the $1.25 million cost in the annual budget. 

"We have to be on it and definitely be supervising and make sure that it's best use of the teachers' time, the students time, that everything is used in a valuable way," said Gaenzle. 

Students with all kinds of interests come in to explore the tools offered to them. 

"As technology grows, so does every aspect in our lives, so do other aspects in our lives," said Burges junior Lailani Chehedeh. 

She aspires to be a doctor and said using the 3-D printer could help her understand more about prosthetics. 

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