EL PASO, Texas - -

Josh Ramirez, a senior at Eastwood high school, stands taller than most on the academic pyramid. It's not his physical stature that differentiates him from the rest, but his commitment to his four clubs, his grades, and varsity swim team.

Ramirez is busy these days for one reason, his goal is to reach an Ivy League University once he graduates. He spent two weeks of his junior year summer at Yale University, participating in a program which hosted the best students from around the globe. He represented El Paso among students from 124 countries and all 50 states.

"That really taught me I can do it, all these people have this privilege, but I have the dedication, and perseverance to make it," said Ramirez.

It is clear the young man is ambitious, but he is not blindingly shooting for the stars. Ramirez is the president of two clubs, Vice President of the National Honor Society and an officer in the Spanish Club. While most high school seniors are preparing for prom and home coming, Ramirez continues to swim with his varsity team. In the end, he says it will all be worth it if he is able to go to an Ivy league school.

"I feel like its up to me for my future I have to make my life harder I need to challenge my self opportunities aren't going to come to me, I have to go to them," Ramirez said.

Ramirez is also regarded as a great friend and classmate. His fellow NHS members have nothing but good words to say about him. His teammates not only rely on him in the pool, he is also considered to be one of the leaders of his team.

"He is hard working he always strives to be the best, and I think that is Josh right there, he wants to be the best, and he wants to accomplish his dreams, and he's going to do whatever it takes to do that," said Jared Skov, an NHS member.

Ramirez's coach, Manny Gardea, says having Ramirez helps the team improve, and his leadership is something they can count on. As a four year swimmer on the team, its clear to see why he is the president of the Varsity swim team.

"They set the standard, people see they are leaders, both inside and out of the pool;" said Manny Gardea. "They care not just about one thing but everything and it makes them want to be like them."

Ramirez is taking his senior year by force and is hoping that it will lead to the acceptance letter he has always wished for. For now, he plays the waiting game since it is still early in the application process.

Josh Ramirez is a name you may want to remember. In a few years, if he is able to live up to his potential, an Ivy League education may just be the start for this young man.