Traffic woes expected next week at Eastwood High School

EL PASO,Texas - Traffic near Eastwood High School will start to back up Monday as the school prepares for future construction.

Areas near McRae Boulevard and Montwood Drive will be most affected as the school closes parking lots to bring in portable classrooms.

"We have 127 spots behind the stadium that currently faculty use, but will no longer be accessible due to the construction, " said Eastwood High School assistant principal David Gonzalez 

Of the 69 portables, 14 will be placed on the baseball filed. They will all be  used to teach students next school year while 90 percent of Eastwood High School is remodeled. 

Gonzalez said the school has made arrangements with surrounding churches to allow students to park during the construction.

"We'll also have some security there helping us control the traffic," said Gonzalez. "We just want to have a good relationship with our community. 

Eastwood High School senior Lydia Valdez, 17, said traffic is always a mess in the morning whether students have permits or not. 

"It's really bad," Valdez said. "We can't even park on Linum. On certain streets you'll get a ticket. Like, it's really a mess. "

Senior Daniella Uribarri, 17, said parking is hectic, but it's all for a good cause. 

"It's kind of far to go to the church, but it's what we have to do for the campus to be rebuilt," said Uribarri.


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