EL PASO, Texas -

Before class was back in session at Chapin High School, incoming freshman had the chance to learn everything about their transition from middle to high school.

Last Friday, about 300 of the more than 500 freshman expected attended a freshman camp.

"It gives the students an opportunity to mingle with other students," said Al Marsh, Chapin's interim principal.

Students learned about the school's policies, activities, sports and traditions.

It's effort to help incoming freshman make a smooth transition from middle school to high school with the help of upper classmen, who also led the freshman camp.

"We use them as our ambassadors to get the word out on all the great things we do here," Marsh said.

The students also took part in team-building exercises with cheers and chants.

"I'm actually very nervous. My dad told me just to stay calm and not to worry about a lot of things, just keep the momentum up during school," said Ismael Gutierrez.

Gutierrez said he was nervous about meeting new people, but he wasn't alone.

"I'm nervous about meeting new people because I get really shy," Angela Romero said.

During the camp, she noticed the upperclassmen had a lot of school spirit and she that follows her onto the volleyball court this season.

The anticipation of what the rest of freshman year will last for some time, but Marsh said there are resources for students who have challenges adjusting to high school life.

Marsh said students can join student council, talk to a counselor or at-risk coordinator.