Another principal out at Bowie High School

Another principal out at Bowie High...
EL PASO, Texas -
Bowie High School students gathered for a silent protest this morning in support of their former principal, Michael Warmack. 
Protest organizer, and Bowie student Veronica Rodriguez was among the dozen or so students voicing their support. 
"We just want EPISD to hear our voices, that we do care about our principal, and we believe that Bowie kids should have a right to say something about this," said Rodriguez. 
Warmack was the principal at Bowie for two years. El Paso Independent School District released a statement that said  Warmack "requested a transfer for personal reasons." 
EPISD spokeswoman Melissa Martinez said there is not truth to the rumors circulating about his departure. 
"This decision was not based on test scores or disciplinary action whatsoever," said Martinez. "We acted quickly and there happened to be an opening available. "
The district complied, and he has since been moved to an assistant principal position at El Paso High School. 
"I am grateful to Dr. Warmack for his contributions toward improving the campus culture at Bowie," said Superintendent Juan Cabrera."We respect his decision and thank him for his service to EPISD students."
Rodriguez said the school has had a difficult past, and principals have come through what seems to be a revolving door. 
"Dr. Warmack has built something that no other principal has built: he's united the community, the teachers, the students, the families," said Rodriguez. "We've become family, and that's what he's helped us become."
Bowie High School Assistant Principal Francisco Ordaz was named as the acting principal. He has been at Bowie High School since 2013 and EPISD since 2000.
Martinez said EPISD is actively looking for new candidates to replace Warmack. 
"Bowie students deserve someone who's going to be around for the long haul," said Warmack. 


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