Duranguito mostly empty as few residents hold out

Duranguito mostly empty

EL PASO, Texas - The downtown neighborhood of Duranguito is now nearly empty. As the months have gone by, neighbors have been slowly leaving the area, but a couple of residents are bent on staying.

52 year Duranguito resident Antonia Morales explained her landlord has asked her to move, something she does not want to do.

Morales is the last tenant left in her building, the houses around hers are empty, abandoned, and boarded up. Hard to read grafitti on one house reads “The truth will prevail, our history is not for sale,” but the empty houses tell a different story, as most residents have already left after being offered thousands.

Homeowner Romelia Mendoza says the city hasn’t offered her money to leave just yet, but if she’s eventually forced she said she would need a home, she doesn’t have the money to buy a new place and make payments

Morales says she wants to fight for her area and barrio, hoping to do all it takes to save her neighborhood

Morales turned down 14 thousand dollars from the city, adamant on staying in her home.
The possibility of being kicked out is still very real, and it has her friends worried

“We’re gonna have to convince her, it’s breaking her heart already, just to see her friends and her neighbors go because they have been here for so many years together,” said Lydia Diaz, a friend of Morales’.

The absolute future of duranguito is still up in the air, an austin court hearing will decide whether or not the city can go forward with plans for the arena or if the neighborhood will be preserved, ABC-7 will be bringing you the latest from the courtroom itself. Be sure to catch our full reports starting sunday night at 10 p.m.
Evan Folan and Jerry Najera will be in Austin Monday and Tuesday for our complete coverage continues on the future of Duranguito.
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