Driver loses control, stacks cars

Update: northeast crash

EL PASO, TX - Update: Police confirm that a 41-year old driver caused the wreck and another one moments ago. 

The other crash happened at Transmountain and Gateway North. 

The driver is recovering at a hospital after a piece of metal went through his arm.

Original: A family woke up to a tower of cars Saturday morning on the 10000 block of Kenworthy.

It happened at about two a.m.

The 41 year-old driver was still in the hospital Saturday evening after two crashes. Police said in one of them a piece of metal shot through the man's arm.

After his first crash, the man reportedly took off, then sped toward Kenworthy.

Police said he then hit two cars at the house on the opposite side of the street, wiping out a fence in a house's front yard.

Nobody else was hurt.

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