Driver hits rockwall, taken to hospital handcuffed

Scene of crash familiar sight for El Paso police

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso police are investigating a crash in West El Paso after a driver plowed through a fire hydrant, light pole and slammed into a rock wall.

It happened around 2:30 Friday morning just south of the intersection of Executive Center Boulevard and Mesa Street. Police say the driver was southbound on Mesa St.

Pieces of the rock wall hit a nearby business and debris was left all along the sidewalk.

The driver was put in the back seat of a police car before he was taken to Providence Memorial Hospital with minor injuries, handcuffed.

El Paso Police have not said if the man is facing charges.

A familiar scene for El Paso police, the wreck happened in the same area where two young women were killed in December of 2011.

Idaly Reyes and Kim Araujo died when the car they were riding, also southbound on Mesa, crashed through the same rock wall and into a building.

The driver, Miguel Vargas, is serving a 16 year sentence for driving drunk and killing his friends, Reyes and Araujo, and leaving a third passenger critically injured.

Police has not confirmed if the driver in the latest wreck was speeding or if alcohol was involved.

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